New Series: “A Wednesday Word”

To this point, this blog has largely consisted of my reviews and reflections on films I have taken in, from the angle of their intersection with faith and spirituality. This is something I hope to continue moving forward, so be sure to subscribe to keep in the loop on that sort of content! That said, given my new role as a pastor for a local church congregation in Phoenix, much of my time during the week is spent reading, writing, and praying through a bevy of spiritually provocative and culturally resonant texts. These sometimes include films, but more often include the bible, related commentaries, books on spiritual formation, relevant articles/books on various cultural topics, and so forth. Given this expanded focus of my time and energy, my hope is to broaden this blog to move beyond strictly film and into explorations of faith and the spiritual life in a more wide-ranging way!

As the first step towards this expanded purpose, the new series to be added to my film reviews will be called A Wednesday Word. These posts will consist of a quote from a reading I’ve completed, a short spiritual commentary or devotional related to the topic explored in the quote, and a recommended prayer to accompany that commentary. Every Wednesday Word will relate to the sermon I preached or prepared the previous Sunday, and thus I will also provide the sermon link in each post for those interested in taking a deeper dive into the spiritual significance of the given texts. These weekly installments will also be shared on our church’s Instagram and Facebook pages, if you’d like to follow along there. We started this series last week, so readers here will get the privilege of not one, but TWO Wednesday Words this week.

My hope and prayer is that these reflections prove beneficial in your own spiritual journey, and that you are drawn nearer to the person and work of Jesus Christ through your own reading and reflection. Furthermore, if any of these posts spark a desire for further dialogue in you, please do not hesitate to email me at; I would love to walk with you in your own spiritual journey, wherever you might find yourself. Cheers friends – I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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