Reading Underneath The Screen

No art is made in a vacuum. Humans–and thus all of their creative endeavors–are unbreakably connected to the myths, movements, and moments of our cultures. Such connection is not unilateral, however; it is intrinsically bidirectional. Culture works on art by providing raw materials (present social moments, meaningful settings, relevant characters, etc.) and informing assumptions (onContinue reading “Reading Underneath The Screen”

Just Mercy

Just as Bryan’s rearview mirror reflects upon his eyes as he drives through the Alabama night, illuminating his sight in spite of the darkness around him, we as an audience are challenged to open our eyes, to hear the stories, to fight for justice with a radical hope that transcends our broken systems. Maybe then we will see what just a little mercy can do.


Release Date: October 5th, 2019 Director: Bong Joon-Ho | MPAA Rating: R | LeavittLens Rating: 9.5/10 There are few films whose title is able to reference not only important themes within the context of the story, but also turn into a reflexive commentary on the audience experience itself. Not only does Bong Joon-Ho’s Best PictureContinue reading “Parasite”

LeavittLens Ranking System

When attempting to summarize, categorize, and rank films, it is important to identify a set of criteria by which one ranks. This is likely to change for each individual; no one watches from a neutral plane, and each person has their own tastes. This is a short overview of my attempt to create a workableContinue reading “LeavittLens Ranking System”

LeavittLens’ Top 10 Films of 2019

After a slow start to the year, 2019 rattled off a hot streak of excellent films in the final few months. The following is a list of my top picks from 2019, in order of their LeavittLens rankings. Reviews will continue to pour in for each of them, so be sure to subscribe to hearContinue reading “LeavittLens’ Top 10 Films of 2019”

Ad Astra

Release Date: September 20th, 2019 Director: James Gray | MPAA Rating: PG-13 | LeavittLens Rating: 8/10 In watching a film adorned with the Latin maxim “to the stars,” one mightexpect to drift into transcendent spectacle, to encounter an endeavor akin to theimmensity of space itself. Yet in James Gray’s Ad Astra, there remains a contrarianContinue reading “Ad Astra”