A Wednesday Word | 6/23/2021

“Many people today assume that Christianity is one or more of these things – a religion, a moral system, a philosophy. In other words, they assume that Christianity is about advice. But it wasn’t and isn’t. Christianity is, simply, good news. It is the news that something has happened as a result of which theContinue reading “A Wednesday Word | 6/23/2021”

New Series: “A Wednesday Word”

To this point, this blog has largely consisted of my reviews and reflections on films I have taken in, from the angle of their intersection with faith and spirituality. This is something I hope to continue moving forward, so be sure to subscribe to keep in the loop on that sort of content! That said,Continue reading “New Series: “A Wednesday Word””

A Quiet Place Part II

Release Date: May 28th, 2021 Director: John Krasinski | MPAA Rating: PG-13 | LeavittLens Rating: 6.5 As a world, few films in recent memory have created a cinematic experience quite like the post-apocalyptic reality of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place series. Particularly in a filmscape inundated by loud, excessive, and often indulgent shows of actionContinue reading “A Quiet Place Part II”

Bo Burnham: Inside

Release Date: May 20th, 2021 Director: Bo Burnham | Rating: TV-MA | LeavittLens Rating: 7.5/10 About ten minutes into Bo Burnham’s latest satire-comedy tour de force, Inside, there is a literal and metaphorical “peek behind the curtain,” a revelatory moment that seems to sum up the significance of this nearly 90 minute work. Following anContinue reading “Bo Burnham: Inside”

LeavittLens’ Top 10 Films of 2020

In a year that began with many organizations and companies discussing the importance of “vision” and “direction,” bringing double meaning to the numbers 2020, we are wrapping the year with a striking, months-long realization: we don’t have the vision we once thought we did. Indeed, 2020 has been characterized far more by loss than vision,Continue reading “LeavittLens’ Top 10 Films of 2020”

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Release Date: September 4th, 2020 Director: Charlie Kaufman | MPAA Rating: R | LeavittLens Rating: 7/10 “Cogito, ergo sum.” -Rene Descartes There is an innately disorienting element to the human experience, one that can often paralyze us in the midst of introspective reflection. Because we assume we are capable of perceiving what is real andContinue reading “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”